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The practice of dakshina (giving offerings) has a great significance. As we give back to Krishna a small portion of what is given to us, we acknowledge that everything comes from Him. If we are giving 10% of our income to Krishna’s temple, the understanding of dakshina is not that we are giving away 10% of what is ours, but that we are allowed to keep 90% of what Krishna has provided to us. By showing gratitude that all prosperity – money and everything else – comes from Krishna, we open ourselves to His full and constant presence in our lives. In that relationship of gratitude, He provides even much more abundance.In India, traditionally people will donate to a temple for a specific function that they called to provide for, such as the food for an upcoming feast (anadhan) or to care for the temple’s cows (godhan). Below are options we have created, but you of course may donate any amount for the temple’s expansion and beautification.

We invite you to contribute generously, how ever much you can, towards supporting any of our activities. You may donate through Paypal, and you can also use your credit or debit card without a Paypal account. Please click to your right to make a Donation.




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