Youth Activities

I’m sitting in a crammed carriage listening to my iPod, when I’m pulled into a profound thought by something Jojo is singing;

“can somebody explain to me, why everybody is trying to be living like a celebrity, doing what they see on MTV…”

I’m suddenly conscious of the Jimmy Choo bag hanging of my shoulder, the Dior heels on my feet and of the curls I spent 20 minutes perfecting this morning. Has this need for a celebrity life style developed into something of a cult in this modern age? Has religion been outcaste to make room for this new era of living a celebrity lifestyle? And if so, can we accept that our children will grow up in a world where they do not query the very means of their existence, but have the likes of Paris Hilton and Bipasha Basu as their role models?

I glance around the overcrowded train wondering how many youngsters here have ever queried their existence, has the teenager posing in his shades on the underground ever wondered what happens next, what comes after birth, disease old age and death? On my way to work to the financial district of London, I’m sat amongst City high flyers, Armani suits, Channel shades and Louis Vuitton handbags to name but a few, I wonder whether these so called highly intelligent generation of bankers, traders and other professionals use their intelligence to understand that there must be more to human life then eating, sleeping, mating and defending. If there wasn’t, what makes us any different to animals? Or do their thoughts consist of nothing other than mere insatiable desires..?

My stop approaches and I smile with comfort knowing that, although I may be part of this material necessity to live a celebrity lifestyle, my life is still undoubtedly absorbed in Krishna Consciousness. Without it, I would feel lost in this world where, Greed, Envy, Jealousy and Anger subjugate humanity. Where Drugs, Alcohol and Violence have infested children’s playgrounds and where Hypocrisy and Lies are laid as foundations for most Societies.