Dental Charity

The Sri Radha Raman Charitable Trust would like to present to you the Sri Radha Raman Dental Clinic. Our aim is to create a Dental Clinic where Brijbasi’s from all around Vrndavan and Braj can receive quality dental care, treatments and attention free of charge courtesy of our qualified volunteers. The Sri Radha Raman Clinic is based in Gopal Kaar, Parikrama marg Vrindavan and is open to the public.

Our immediate aim is to:

  • Renovate the clinic so that it is of UK surgery standard; and
  • Purchase and prepare all of the relevant surgery fittings and instruments required by out Dental Surgeons.

Our long term vision is to:

  • Give love and care to mankind by providing free patient care for as many Brijbasi’s as possible and keeping beautiful smiles on their faces.

We helped these people. You can too!